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"It's like raaain, on your wedding day" but seriously, what if it actually rains on your day?

Is it possible to actually enjoy the rain on your wedding day?

Alanis Morissette seems to think it's ironic that it would rain on your wedding day, but some say it 's actually just good luck. Other superstitions say that it symbolizes abundance or fertility, or that it means you will have a long and happy union. Check out some of the myths and their explanations at www.thepinkbride.com's "Wedding Superstition #3: Rainy Days," article (https://bit.ly/2N3q0bn). Also, check out what CNN has to say about wedding superstitions (https://cnn.it/2txoGFK). People have very mixed feelings about on rain showers in the wedding day forecast (I personally like to stick to the idea of it being good luck), but let's be honest, despite all of it's possible positive symbolic meanings, rain can sometimes put a damper on things. Ultimately, we can't control Mother Nature's choices (even if we check the weather forecast every hour, every day leading up to the wedding), so I wanted to share a few ways to embrace the rain on your wedding day.

First of all, you can't control the weather (Trust me, I tried "talking" to Mother Nature once as a kid to make it stop raining so we could go to the waterpark and she never listened. I also tried checking the weather forecast in surrounding cities in the weeks before my wedding thinking that maybe they would have a better forecast and it would make me feel better, but at the end of the day Mother Nature is going to do what she wants.), so stick to the things that you can control. You will feel a lot better and much less anxious about the day if you have a solid rain plan. Don't just make your rain plan something that would be "okay" if it had to happen, make it something that you actually would actually be happy with if it did happen. Here are a few tips for making sure you're ready for possible rain.

Tip #1 Make a back up plan! If you're planning an outdoor wedding, always make sure your venue has an indoor space that will be ready to use on the day of the wedding if needed. Make sure this is written into your contract with the venue so you know that space is being saved for you. Sometimes the reception area is used as the backup rain plan ceremony space, so be sure to talk to you planner about having a game plan for how the room will flip from being a ceremony room to being the reception room, and where guests will go in between. If your venue doesn't have an indoor area that will be available, then look into tent rental options. Tents are not cheap, but they're worth it if they literally save the day (and save the bride/groom and guests from being stuck outside in a torrential downpour). Certain tent companies might work with you to allow you to rent it as a backup, but if you don't need it, return the tent/services for a partial (sometimes full) refund.

Tip #2 Buy Umbrellas! If you're checking the weather within about two weeks from your wedding and it looks like rain is in the forecast for your wedding day (or the days surrounding) it's best to take the safe route. Get on Amazon, or Etsy, or Oriental Trading and order some cute umbrellas (and maybe rain boots for you and your bridesmaids) that match your wedding colors and theme and that you think would look good in pictures (clear bubble umbrellas match almost any color scheme and make for very cute couple photos). Check out this adorable clear umbrella from Kate Spade that says "Love is in the Air" (https://bit.ly/2yND55J). I'm actually wishing it had rained more on my wedding day so I could have taken pictures with this umbrella! If you buy the umbrellas enough in advance, you will have time to pick out ones you actually like, rather than having to use the ones that someones has to go pick up from the store last minute (chances are likely that you won't find enough of the same umbrellas, or that they will not be the colors that you want if you do it that way). If umbrellas in pictures aren't your thing, then choose an alternate indoor location for photos as a backup plan (such as an indoor botanical garden, or museum). Just make sure your photographer has the appropriate permits to photograph there. This is a great way to still have gorgeous pictures that have the same feel as being outside, without actually getting soaked. You'll still want an umbrella though to keep you protected while you go in and out of locations.

Worst case scenario (or maybe I should say best?), you spend some money on umbrellas and it actually doesn't rain, so you end up not using them (most places will allow you to return the umbrellas for a full refund)! That's what happened to me! It was thunder storming the morning of my wedding (we had purchased umbrellas almost a month before the wedding because the weather in Milwaukee, WI in May is very unpredictable--we probably should have bought snow boots too just in case), but by about 12:30pm the rain ended and the skies cleared up to the most perfect day! I took a screenshot of my phone when it said the rain was ending, I was so happy (check out the screenshot picture at the end of this post). Part of me actually thinks that because we bought the umbrellas, it actually didn't rain. "Isn't it ironic, don't you think?" So I strongly recommend, just buy the umbrellas!

Tip #3 Go With The Flow! I'd be lying if I said that when I woke up on the morning of my wedding to the sound of thunder that I was happy to know that it was raining. I was actually pretty bummed. So I think it is definitely okay to acknowledge that rain was not what you had planned, and that you are not happy about it. But I think it's important then to quickly shift from being upset, to remembering why you were excited about the day in the first place. It wasn't the weather that you'd been waiting for since you got engaged, it was the chance to marry the love of your life! So make peace with the weather and get excited to celebrate this incredible day, and trust that you are in good hands with your planning team and they will make this day everything you've dreamed of, and that maybe there's a way the rain could make it even better! Your attitude on your wedding day says a lot about the way your attitude will be in your marriage, so try to stay as positive as you can. A great article on "10 Tips for Surviving a Rainy Wedding" from Brit + Co gives some great ideas for how to make rainy weddings fun (https://go.brit.co/2KfR9do). Another list of ideas comes from Brides.com which wrote about "7 Reason You Want Rain on your Wedding Day (Seriously!)" (https://bit.ly/2sxUucf) which can help keep your spirits up! Theknot.com also provides some advice on wedding day weather ( (https://bit.ly/2Fyv3AD). Also, rainy day wedding photos make for some of the most beautiful photos I promise (just ask your photographer)! Check out these gorgeous rainy day wedding pictures (https://bit.ly/2N1UpHn).

Another fun way to keep smiling even though the skies are grey, is to have your wedding planner, a family member or one of your bridesmaids collect a little bit of rain water in a small jar for you. Put it in a cute little jar with a cork and add it to your shadow box as a way to always remember the day, and as a symbol of staying positive even when you have to adjust your expectations.

At the end of the day, you can't control Mother Nature (no matter how much you try to give her a pep-talk), so be prepared and have a plan that can ensure your wedding day goes off without a hitch despite the weather!

Here's the screenshot I took on my wedding day. Our ceremony was at 3pm so it could not have been more perfect! I wish you could see what it looked like in the morning though! It went from thunder storms and heavy rain to partly sunny and beautiful! I think the umbrellas were our good luck charm!

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