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Maybe you're not ready to meet with us just yet, but you want to get more information! Feel free to send us a message below, or email us directly. To help us get to know you and your upcoming wedding a bit better, tell us a little bit about yourself!​
  • Have a set wedding date yet? If so, when is the big day?
  • Where are you at in the planning process?
    • "We just got engaged and I need help starting at square one!"​
    • "I have a lot of ideas and Pinterest boards but I need help making those ideas a reality."
    • "I know exactly what I want and I just need help making sure everything goes according to plan."
    • Other: maybe you're a combination of a few of these scenarios. We'd love to hear more about where you are in the planning process.
  • What is the best way to contact you? Phone, email, text etc.
  • Or just give us the basics, which package do you think you are most interested in?

Email: orchidandoakevents@gmail.com

Phone: 414-628-2997

Nashville, TN 37214

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We want you to feel stress-free when your wedding day arrives so you can enjoy every moment, knowing you're in good hands. We put time and careful planning into the details of each wedding that we plan, so that you can enjoy every second without worrying about where the decorations should go or if everyone is in the right place at the right time. We are new to the business, but are eager to personalize your event and make it everything you've dreamed of and more.


Melanie & Kyle Doppler

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