Orchid and Oak  is a full-service wedding planning company that specializes in wedding planning in the greater Nashville area. From customized decorations to coordination of vendors, company owners Melanie and Kyle Doppler are here to make your vision a reality at a price you can afford. As a husband-wife team, they are committed to making your wedding day amazing for everyone. Melanie specializes in vendor coordination, organization/scheduling and event design. Kyle is an expert in guest list coordination, spreadsheets and budgeting  as well as customized decorations and calligraphy. No matter where you are at in the process of designing your event, Orchid and Oak can help! 

About Orchid & Oak

It's the little things

The name Orchid and Oak is very meaningful to us. Orchids are intricate and delicate and remind us of all of the details that are so important to making a wedding day perfect. Orchids also remind us of our honeymoon in Thailand, which was such a peaceful and serene place. We want our couples to feel relaxed and at ease on their wedding day knowing that we have all of the details taken care of.  Oak represents the strength necessary for a lasting marriage. It also expresses our strength as a planning team so you know that we are always here for you. We also love making customized decorations using wood, as you can see in many of our pictures. We can't wait to share our joy with you as we plan your big day! 


Melanie & Kyle Doppler

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